I was in for something light today, and thought: why not share 10 things you didn't know about me? :) I feel like I'm pretty much an open book but after over 10 years of sharing my world online (eeks, can you believe it??) I bet there's still a few (embarrassing) things that you wouldn't guess about me. No more secrets after this one!

paris blue dress

1 // I'm SUCH a family nerd.

I often get asked why I never moved abroad, and it's only because I can't live without my family! Whenever we're here on a Sunday I always go to my parents and big brother to hang out. It's my favourite thing to do, and I love that Marcio is such a family nerd too!

2 // I've never had a real workout routine.

Okay, I'm kind of embarrassed about this one, but the truth is that I've never had a real workout routine in my life. I often get asked about this as well, and though I do squeeze in the occasional run I don't have a gym membership or anything. I feel like my life is too irregular to build up a descent routine, but maybe that's just an excuse? I definitely hope to get to it some day!

3 // I wanted to be a professional chef before I started blogging

I already mentioned this here and there but people still seem to be surprised about it: I always wanted to be a professional chef when I was younger! Until I got a taste of what it's like irl during an internship at a hotel in Paris, and I was like: no thanks haha. But I still love to cook, it really relaxes me so much. So I try to do it as often as I can!

4 // I never buy sweets in boxes because I know no limits when it comes to treats.

This is kind of a neurotic one, but I honestly always freak out when I get sweets delivered to my door because I have zero self-control when it comes to yummy things. I'm definitely a 'just one more...' person, so annoying! So here's to individually packed candy. (ps: please don't stop sending me sweets tho)

5 // I'm very messy (my dressing is the worst mess!) and a huge procrastinator when it comes to cleaning up.

I'm anything but a procrastinator in life but when it comes to cleaning up, I'm just the worst. It actually took getting pregnant to make me clean out my second dressing so we could transform it into a baby room. Whenever magazines propose to organise a shoot in my dressing, I'm like 'uhmmm... give me a minute'.

paris blue dress

6 // I've tried to learn Marcio's native language Portuguese a couple of times but so far I'm only fluent in ordering food.

Another embarrassing one: ever since Marcio & I started dating (11 years ago!) I wanted to pick up Portuguese. I actually went so far to take a couple of lessons but ended up only mastering ordering food. Ugh priorities... So I'm definitely very focused on Gabriel picking up Portuguese from a very young age on, fingers crossed!

7 // I was truly a bit bummed when I found out that we weren't having a girl but now, if I want to have another baby, I really want it to be a boy again.

I was naturally mostly focused on the health of the baby, but when we were ready to know the gender, I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed that it wasn't a girl! It just seemed so much easier at the time to connect with a girl. But how I was wrong! I love to be mama to a boy, even so much so that I kind of adore the idea of being a 'boys' mama', should we go for another baby. Thanks, Rachel Zoe! :)

8 // There's a part of me that wants to try out hair extensions so badly.

Here's the thing: I have very fine hair that basically does its own thing. And I know that since I have a long narrow face long hair won't suit me, but somewhere deep down I would love to try out hair extensions anyway. I just think it'll feel so nice to run my fingers through my long hair and do amazing hair flips. Anyone else who has this?? 

9 // I love love love going to foreign supermarkets, it's my no. 1 thing I do when we travel.

I know I mentioned this before but it's something most people find pretty weird, so I guess it has to be in the list. One of my all-time favourite things to do when we're traveling is to go to the supermarket and take hours to make a whole selection of new-to-me items. From face masks to weird snacks and exotic fruits: I need to try it ALL!

10 // My feet got bigger during my pregnancy and haven't reduced ever since.

Yup, imagine the drama. You hear about swollen feet during pregnancy a lot but I did not expect them to actually grow so much! And even worse: to never return to their original size. You guys know I have a big shoe collection so it kind of broke my fashion heart to not be able to wear most of my super high heels. I don't know when I'll be able to get rid of my favourite pairs, maybe I'll just keep them forever as deco, or maybe I do want a baby girl after all haha.


Now that you know literally everything about me, time to spill the beans on your embarrassing secrets! You can do it! :)

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Great post - more of these! :-) I'd really like to hear interesting and fun facts about your life - now with a kid as well I guess you have plenty. I have another favourite blog "cup of Joe" where they have a series "motherhood around the world" so interesting to see other moms with different parenting and culture yet...in the end we are all the same. I'm from Hungary and my husband is British - we live in Budapest since 5 years but his Humgarian is probably the same level as your Portugese :) They say that Hungarian is the 2nd most difficult to learn but I still hope he will learn it once we