The only thing better than checking out models on the runway is checking out models backstage, am I right? I mean: what do they put on their skin? How do they carry themselves outside of the spotlights? How annoyingly gorgeous are they in real life? And a golden oldie: what do they eat? So yeah, I was pretty thrilled when the hair guru's of Moroccanoil invited me backstage to check out their off-the-runway magic. As someone who's kinda obsessed with her hair, I'm always in for some tips & tricks in that area, and especially when it comes to adding a bit more volume to your hair. I already shared my current obsession with the Moroccanoil root boost spray (it creates the perfect bed-head-hair!), and their Weightless Hydrating mask is seriously amazing too (since it moisturizes your hair without making it heavy). So without further ado: here are 3 mini expert tutorials to create luscious full hair in a jiffy:


Adding waves to your hair is something that other people seem to do effortlessly, but I cannot ever seem to manage myself (tell me there are others out there like me, pretty please??). So I honestly cannot wait to try out these simple steps that should take me to the full and bouncy hair of my dreams, as seen on the runway of the Kristian Aadnevik show:

  1. Prep your hair by applying a mixture of the Moroccanoil Treatment and the Blow Dry Concentrate.
  2. Spray your hair, section per section, with my beloved Root Boost in a zigzag motion.
  3. Dry your hair, and create a deep side parting on the right. Take vertical sections of hair, and wrap them around a medium barrel tong. Release the hair from the barrel, pulling it straight as it drops to create a broken wave instead of a curl (that's the key, peeps!).
  4. Spray your hair upside down with the Dry Shampoo to create a grip for the style. Go through your hair (still upside down) to create tangles at the roots.
  5. Flip your head and hair back. Finally, where your hair meets the top of the cheekbones, spray it with the Luminous Hairspray Strong to make sure everything stays in place.



This is undoubtedly the easiest solution for a bad hair day: just pull your hair back in a classic ponytail (and maybe add a cute ribbon to it, as the experts from Moroccanoil did for the Monique Lhuillier show). And since a ponytail's at its best when it's full and lush, here are a few simple tricks to make that happen:

  1. Prep your hair by applying a mixture of the Moroccanoil Treatment and the Blow Dry Concentrate.
  2. Apply a generous amount of the Volumizing Mousse (avoid the ends!).
  3. Roughly dry your hair with the Tourmaline Ceramic hair dryer, to get a 'windblown' look.
  4. With your hands (so no brush!), gather your hair into a ponytail, and secure with an elastic.
  5. Mist your ponytail with the Dry Texture Spray, and rough with your fingers for added texture.
  6. Finally, fix everything with the Luminous Hairspray Strong.



No matter how thin and unruly your hair is, at the end of the day you gotta work with what you have. While the two previous hair styles featured straight hair, this one's designed to get the most out of your curls - to make them full and bouncy, for that ultimate fairytale princess look that was the eye-catcher at the Marchesa show. Here's how to get there:

  1. Prep your hair by applying a mixture of the Moroccanoil Treatment and the Blow Dry Concentrate.
  2. Revive your curls with the Curl Re-energizing spray for an instant boost of moisture and to add definition.
  3. Mist with the Luminous Hairspray Medium to ensure hold.


Which one's your favourite? I'd love to hear! :) 

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