Sure, in between getting rid of your X-mas tree (i.e. the most depressing activity ever) and the ice cold temperatures, January is no joke. BUT! The Winter sales have arrived, and they're pretty damn good at keeping our spirits high! As much as I'm looking forward to scoring the pieces I've been eyeing since forever, this time I'm determined to not get carried away and really screen everything carefully before buying ('cause my NY's resolutions, remember?). I'll be the first to admit that impulse buys give a certain kick, but how often are you going to wear that sweater with pineapple-with-sunglasses print anyways? And shopping smart is actually a lot easier than you'd think: just ask yourself if the pieces that you're considering will still get a lot of wear in the very near future - no point in investing something that will be so last season in 2 months. So hurry to get your hands on these pretty babies, that are very much on trend right now and - according to the runway reports - will be for a while:


  1. OVERSIZED STRIPED SHIRT - DKNY: It's all about stripes this year, and what better way to incorporate this than a classic shirt with a masculine cut and a preppy neckline?
  2. HOT PINK BAG - CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA: Hot pink is going to be, well, HOT. So this cute little clutch is really on top of the game!
  3. QUIRKY ACCESSORIES - FENDI: It doesn't have to be all that serious this year, and I for one am very excited this little guy - that will make every bag look fabulous - is finally on sale.
  4. PATCH DENIM - OFF-WHITE: Since leggings are making a huge comeback (more on this soon!), denim clearly has to reinvent itself, quite literally, with deconstructed pieces that are put back together in a new and inventive way. If you're going to do jeans, you'll have to think out of the box!
  5. BOLD EARRINGS - & OTHER STORIES: You're so right if you're planning on pimping your outfits with (a single or duo) oversized statement earrings all year long.
  6. PHONE CASE - URBAN OUTFITTERS: Ever since the Louis Vuitton phone case hype we're more than willing to believe that a cool phone case will be replacing your bag as the no. 1 eye-catcher of your look this year.
  7. STATEMENT JACKET - ZARA: In 2017, more than ever: say it with your clothes!
  8. CHUNKY SNEAKERS - NO. 21: Yes, metallic will still be IT this year, as will be comfy footwear (yay!).


Happy shopping, everyone! 

ps: Check back next week for our 2017 trend report, if you'd like. :)

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