A cozy pic nic with Louis Vuitton in Asnières







Last week I had the luck to visit the family home of Louis Vuitton in Asnières again. I’ve been to the house before and every time I go there, it just keeps on being magical. The occasion for this visit was to celebrate the ‘Capucines’ bag with a cozy picnic and have a private factory visit. The factory visit is soooo interesting, as you get a little peek behind the scenes and to see how these iconic trunks are created by hand (!). The craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton is very exceptional and seeing all of this was just a little reminder of their heritage. After the factory and gallery visit, there was a private picnic in the gardens … oh my god, what a dream coming true! The garden was filled with cozy blankets, pillows, flowers and even a little ice cream cart. We celebrated the Capucines bag, which is one of my favorite bags by Louis Vuitton. It’s crafted in full-grain Taurillon leather so the quality is impeccable. For me, this is a classy and elegant bag, one that never goes out of style. The logo is also very subtle (which I like) and it has two handles: a top handle and a detachable strap. Simply put, this bag is a showstopper!

Herewith are some photos of my afternoon at Asnières… I hope you enjoy them! X S.

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