One of the most challenging things about traveling a lot is eating healthy along the way. It's sooo tempting to indulge in the local treats and feel as if calories don't really count at your new location. And with yumminess ranging from crazy ice cream to fresh donuts, pretzels and cheesy fries, NYC must be one of the most indulgent places on earth - so let's just say I'm always super excited to cross paths with brunch & lunch hotspots that effortlessly balance out my sugar cravings, and offer a great menu of tasty & healthy treats (remember this one, too?). Even better when it's a light-filled space with a movie-like bench out front, to sip your iced soy latte Sex and The City-style, aka while spotting handsome o-so-busy guys and sassy dogs. More on this and other things I liked about The Elk below!


The Elk

The Elk


LOCATION / The Elk is located on Charles Street in the West Village area, not too far from one of my favourite WE hang-outs, the High Line (so perfect if you want to spend your WE like a real New Yorker!).

VIBE / With its industrial-mixed-with-historical front, huge windows and cosy woodsy interior, this place is so NYC! So if you want to enjoy brunch or lunch among real New Yorkers, this is the place to be (even during Fashion Week!). I feel like it strikes the perfect balance between hip & cosy, which isn't all that easy. :)

FOOD & MUST-ORDERS / Aha the food! It's SO good, you guys. And also: it's very reasonably priced. The dishes are pretty simple, but the ingredients are all premium, truly farm-to-table style. The avocado bahn mi sandwich with avo, citrus, cucumber, and pickled carrot & radish is definitely a must-try!

MAIN PERKS / The above mentioned bench out front is obviously the best spot ever to have an afternoon coffee, and the 8am-4pm breakfast period is totally on point.


The Elk


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What do you guys look for in a restaurant abroad? Do you like this cosy local vibe, or do you prefer super hip spots? :)

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