SANUI by Sofie Valkiers


I am so excited to announce that I am launching my own lifestyle line! It has always been a dream of mine to do this, so I can’t believe it has finally become a reality in the form of SANUI.
SANUI means ‘healthy’ in Latin, and health is a huge part of my life. My dad raised me with the mind-set that ‘you are what you eat’ and always used the freshest ingredients so our home was always as free of artificial ingredients and toxins as possible.
I wanted to create a home away from home as I travel a lot and have a hectic lifestyle so ‘me time’ is really important. I always miss my home when I’m staying in an impersonal hotel room so take a few home comforts with me when I travel, including my favourite home scent, photos of my family and friends and my own pillow because I don’t sleep well on hotel pillows.  I love candles, as they can make a room much more welcoming, so while I was developing the candle over the past year, it was really important to me to use non-toxic wax and fragrance.The candle is based on vegetable wax and contains no synthetic fragrances or parabens. It's all about clean burning! For the fragrance I worked together with the renowned perfumer Emmanuel Philip, who has collaborated with incredible candle brands Cire Trudon and Fornasetti, so I knew I was in safe hands!

As for the scent, I was inspired by Itacaré in Brazil. This town holds a special place in my heart, as my boyfriend Marcio and I visited here when we were in the early stages of our relationship, and I was blown away by the untouched natural beauty - snow-white sand, palm trees, bright blue water and the lush green forest. The candle has notes of citrus, passionfruit and coconut, which really remind me of my time there and I hope it will transport you to an exotic place of tranquillity and comfort when you light it too!
My top tip for travelling is to take a candle with you. If you always have the same scent in your home as you do when you’re in an unfamiliar place, it really helps to ease anxiety and to feel at home straight away.

A year ago, SANUI was just an idea in my head and now I can finally reveal the result: two luxurious scented candles with a subtle exotic frangrance! I really hope you love the candles as much as I do! XO Sofie

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