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Me with Jean Philippe Beaupied, Adrien Coelho and Michael Bassenelli

My hair could use a boost before fashion week so I decided to try out the ‘ Ultimate Remedy’ hair treatment by Shu Uemura Art of Hair. It’s a kind of a ‘spa’ for the hair which repairs the damage, moisturizes the lengths and sooths dry ends. The place to go for this treatment is Adrien Coelho Premier Studio, situated in the luxurious Châtelain district of Brussels. I only heard good things about this hair salon so I couldn’t wait to go there and see it for myself. What can I say? I think I’ve found my new beauty hotspot in Brussels! The salon is an oasis of peace ( the interior is very warm and cozy), they only work with the top brands ( Shu Uemura art of Hair ( hair care), Inoa for the hair color,…) and the hairdressers have the eye for the latest trends ( they also work with the biggest fashion magazines like Victoire, Le Vif weekend and Elle). After a herbal tea, relaxing massages and the use of the Ultimate Remedy products my hair looked regenerated again. I got really happy as all my split ends were smoothed out!! Haha, Fashion Week… here I come!!!

**Pictures by me with Nikon 1**

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