Hair heroes: summer hairstyles for short hair


Although I hate to complain about warm weather, the changing humidity can really play havoc with my hair. Having a lob (long bob) means my hair isn’t too high maintenance except regular trims but I still like to mix things up when I can, whether I wear it straight, with curls, in a top knot, a low bun, side-parted or centre parted, there are plenty of quick and easy styles you can create with short hair.
Here are three of my favourite looks from the Cannes film festival in May:

1. Sienna Miller at the premiere of Ice and the Sky

For this look you can use the humidity to your advantage! Scrunch through damp lengths with a volumising mousse. Let your hair dry naturally and when almost dry, lightly mist with salt spray for a beachy bedhead texture. Twist or French plait sections away from your face and pin into place.

2. Anja Rubik at the Youth premiere

Spray damp hair with a heat-protection product and blow dry down the lengths. Comb the front section of your hair forward in front of your face then backcomb the roots using a fine comb. Lightly spray your hands with a firm-hold hairspray and comb the hair away from your face with your fingers. Finish with a shine serum through the ends and a final mist of hairspray to set the style in place.

3. Cate Blanchett at the Sicario premiere

Rough-dry hair using a hairdryer then twist hair into a topknot and secure with a band. Continue to blow dry hair on a slow setting until almost dry and spray with hairspray. When you remove the band, your hair should fall into waves or curls. Do not brush through – instead, use your hands to scrunch in a volumising mousse and use the diffuser nozzle on your hairdryer to finish drying, leaving you with soft, fuss-free waves.

Ph by Getty Images and Rex Features 

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