As much as I love a more tropical climate and relaxing at the beach, my fair sensitive skin definitely needs some extra attention on vacation. I listed my 5 favorite must-haves that I like to have on hand whenever I go to a warm and humid destination.

La Mer Protecting Fluid SPF 50: Sunscreens for me seem to easily cause redness and clogged pores (especially on my face), which is super annoying given that with my light skintone I’m very prone to sunburn. That’s why I feel like this protecting fluid is worth the investment. It’s very light and immediately sinks into my skin without feeling sticky (soooo important if you don’t want to be covered in sand all the time), and it’s a great make-up base. It’s also really effective; while it’s always better to reapply your sunscreen frequently, whenever I get caught up in my beach literature or am too busy eating popsicles, I never get punished with a pale print of my sunnies on a bright red face (the worst thing ever J).

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: This is a classic by now, and with good reason. The subtle sparkles really deepen my tan (or fake it a little bit during the first days of my vacation). I also love the way the dry oil feels on my arms and legs, and doesn’t become too oily when exposed to heat and sunlight. It makes my skin look amazing in pictures too; a huge bonus if you want to go crazy with the selfies (and you know you do).

& Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Mist: I love a good body mist, and this very affordable one is my current favorite. It’s refreshing, sprays out evenly, and smells summery and delicious; perfect for providing a little relief on a hot day!

Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellent: This is probably my most favorite beach product ever. Because haven’t we all been looking for a fantastically smelling insect repellent since forever? Well, this is it! It’s definitely citrus-based, but not overwhelmingly so, as the tangy tones are deluted by a hint of vanilla and sandalwood. It seems to work quite well too, since I’ve only had a single mosquito bite since I arrived. I’d still recommend combining it with a stronger repellent, if the place you’re staying at has a high insect population, but this one will at least not attract insects as some other perfumes do. Plus it’s chemical- and paraben-free, which is quite exceptional for an insect repellent too.

Aveda Radiant Skin Refiner: Even when I’m using high-quality sun protection I find it so important to scrub my skin clean after a beach day or running around looking for local treasures. This clay-based one, which I tend to use about twice a week, feels pure and natural, and gets the dirt off without drying out my skin.

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