My Coachella beauty survival kit


I’m going to Coachella in Palm Springs!!!! Yay! I’m so excited as this was always on my bucketlist on things to do! I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of flower crowns, fake tattoos and that typical hippie style but when you tell me laid back chic desert style: I’M ALL IN! This Antik Batik bag (found at ENES) is the perfect festival bag as it has some extra space for must-have beauty items that I’ll need to survive the dry desert heat. Easy products but still with a touch of luxury of course!
So here we go, first thing first: hydration! I’m planning on drinking tons of water (or coconut water!) and hydrating my skin with moisturizers  (this one is a favorite!) and protecting it with a high SPF. I also tried the ‘ Beauty Dust’, a beauty elixir for it’s youth preserving and tonifying qualities. Think: glowing supple skin and shiny hair. I just add one teaspoon in my tea or any cold liquid and I’m ready to go!As for my hands, I would either go for a long lasting gel manicure or for a very natural nail color. I really like ‘Soft Pink’ by Faby, as it looks very much like my own nail color, just a bit better!
I love to dance at festivals so that means: a good deo and a good- smelling perfume that lasts the entire day. ‘Funfair Evening’ by Maison Martin Margiela is one of my favorite as it evokes that carefree, playful ambiance of a festival and just smells delicious!  
Whenever I travel for a longer period, I always take my SANUI candle with me. I get home sick quite easily so I just light on my candle ( that is also my home scent) in my hotel room and I feel right away more at home. The scent is all about salty beach air, lemon trees and coconut … njam!
Also on my Coachella survival kit: a water mist spray (can’t live without!), a lip protector with SPF, dry Shampoo, a waterproof mascara and baby wipes ( for refreshing touch -ups). I’M READY!!! XO Sofie 

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