Elie Saab FW18-19
Elie Saab FW18-19
Elie Saab FW18-19
Elie Saab FW18-19

I'm never one to pass up a good princess moment so I was the happiest to spot the BEST princess dresses at the Elie Saab FW18-19 show in Paris. There's just nothing more dreamy than big flowy soft pink silk dresses, delicately embroidered with strategic bling, and with matching stiletto heels. Or how about a huge tule version with a bustier and golden leaf effect?? There's so many things that go through my mind when I see these creations pass by, from 'I need more royal parties in my life' to 'Could I get away with wearing this to my next family reunion'. Basically, just frantically trying to find excuses to have all these beauties in my life haha. Also, can we talk about those amazing matching silk capes? What a powerful statement to make and just about the best way to make your princess dress a bit less girly. And that's exactly what I went for with my own look to go to the show: instead of going for a soft girly pink I went for a neon pink version with wide sleeves (from Studio Nebo), with my fave The Volon bag and white Yuul Yie heels. So comfy yet chic, don't you think? :) 


Thanks so much for having me, Elie Saab! How do you guys like the collection?

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Love so so much this pink dress! Regards.
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Best colors ! You look amazing as always ! xxx
This dress is pretty classy and it looks great on you! Regards.
I like this post. Your dress is superb, god for this season to wear. Really nice place, we had an extraordinary time on this journey || ||
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