As the most anticipated show of September Fashion Month so far, I was beyond excited to attend the Dior show in Paris! Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior's new creative director, had been given exactly five weeks to come up with this collection - I mean: EEKS! So it's no wonder that what happened at the Musée Rodin was quite a spectacle...


Maria Grazia Chiuri, who recently replaced 'our' Raf Simons as Dior's head designer, must have been dying right before the show started. All eyes of the fashion world were on her, so I can only imagine what the pressure must've been like. With a long and successful career at Valentino behind her, Maria proved to be so ready to be the first female creative director (!) in Dior's long history, and I absolutely adored how she came to greet the audience after the show - humble but self-confident, wearing a black women's suit of course. Can't wait to see what's next!



When a new creative director is appointed at an iconic Fashion House such as Dior's, everyone is curious to see how its enormous legacy will be interpreted. I think this must be the biggest challenge: to give a new twist to a brand that has been interpreted by so many monumental designers before - from Yves Saint Laurent to enfant terrible John Galliano. Chiuri incorporated a few playful nods to Dior's heritage into her designs: the brand's signature bee was delicately applied onto several pieces (and the invitation!), and Monsieur Dior's alleged obsession with mystical tarot cards was visible in the fine pencil drawing-like motifs onto the skirts and tops. Such a subtle but cool interpretation, don't you think?



The opening look of Ruth Bell, with a fencing-inspired outfit and boyish haircut, felt clean, current, and wonderfully original. When asked about her inspiration for this look, Maria pointed out that 'in sport you don't distinguish gender because it's the same for men and women'. This powerful plea for gender equality was predominant throughout the show, from the masculine padded jackets and flat lace-up boots to the super feminine see-through tulle skirts, monochrome colour palette of bright red and baby pink, and sweet beauty look with topknots and braids.



The message of strong femininity was also communicated in a more literal way, by displaying statements as Dior (R)Evolution, Christian Dior J'Adior, and - by far the most talked about - We Should All Be Feminists. As someone who doesn't like to sugarcoat her opinions myself, I absolutely adored (pun intended) this!


5. RIRI & CO.

Dior is undoubtedly one of the most 'celebritized' designer Houses out there, including a recent (super-hyped!) collab with Rihanna, and a whole list of famous faces - from Natalie Portman to Jennifer Lawrence - representing the brand today and in the past. So it's no surprise that the line-up was pretty impressive: after spotting my girl crushes Diane Kruger & Marion Cotillard, I got my act together and had a little chat with Rihanna herself (how cute was her with little bees embellished dress??). A little bit star struck much. :)


Pictures of runway looks, Kate Moss & Jennifer Lawrence via Dior & Vogue / beauty look via Marie Claire

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