Anyone saw the new Glamour cover featuring Lena Dunham's cellulite? Yes, of course you did. EVERYONE did. So that's clearly not why I'm writing this piece: the cover got enough attention as it is, the internet pretty much exploding with comments on Lena's 'newest seek of attention' (following the outrage caused by her comments on abortion and alleged racism). And that's exactly what encourages me to speak up about the topic of the female body image, and how this is created and sustained: why does it still cause so much commotion? Do people actually have the nerve to roll their eyes at this so-called statement, while this girl is just being portrayed as she is?

If you're sick and tired of hearing about the female body image and think it's just too much of a cliché to pay attention to the subject, I'd like to tell you this: me too. But let me also tell you: we're not there yet. Girls do not, in fact, run the world. Even after a gazillion complaints of an impressive list of celebs, including Zendaya, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lawrence - to name a few, about magazines unknowingly editing their praised bodies; after Amy Schumer's countless spot-on remarks on her curves; Kylie Jenner showing her scar on Snapchat; Alicia Keys' raw skin on her latest album cover, you'd think we'd REALLY believe that - you hear this one coming - nobody's perfect.

But hey, I get your confusion: sure, Kim Kardashian isn't wearing any make-up to a high-end fashion show and has stimulated women everywhere to embrace their curves, but aren't the Kardashians at the same time the no. 1 family to focus on appearances? Or for that matter: what am I complaining about, being comfortably photographed on a weekly basis? I'm not even going to bother stating that I'm not perfect, that I have my own flaws and issues (obviously I do), because I think that's quite simply beside the point. The thing that bothers me the most about all this is: why is this even an issue, if there's so much more to talk about? Anyone actually read the Glamour interview instead of formulating a 3-second opinion on Lena's thighs? In that same sense: how many pieces do you think were written about Donald Trump's outfit choices versus Hillary's? In a context where it has no relevance at all, why do we keep obsessing about women's appearances? For me, it's not about being skinny or curvy or somewhere in between. It's not about wearing make-up or not wearing make-up. It's about getting out there and having the guts to be and show yourself as you are, the whole package - whatever that may mean. That, to me, is the most inspiring thing in the world - cellullite or no cellulite. So if nobody said it, I'll say it: thank you, Lena Dunham, for being you - curvy, loud and opinionated. Because that at least brings us one step closer to running the world, some day, one day.


How do you feel about all this? I'd really love to hear your thoughts! 

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I couldn't agree more. Being natural and absolutely normal is always seen as a statement in celeb-world, very annoying.
PS: Trump was being mocked for his looks (the hair & the facetan) as well & probably even more than Clinton.. :)

Hey Katrien! Thanks so much for your feedback! I agree about Trump, but his look wasn't seen as a part of his political strategy, while Clinton's wardrobe was being analysed over and over again in that sense - which I don't think is very fair. ;) xx

I couldn't agree more! Of course it surprised me to see a picture that wasn't adapted, but I was so happy to see that a woman had the courage to show herself the way she is and be proud of it 😃 P.S big fan of you, your style & Bobke xo

Hoe fijn te horen, dat jongeren lak hebben aan het perfectionisme dat , hoe dikwijls dan ook ( fake ) is.
Ben wie je bent, durf ervoor uitkomen dat je je goed voelt in jouw body, dan pas zal je gelukkig zijn.
Dit is een pluspuntje van ( ouderen ) ze relativeren en het kan ze niets schelen wat anderen van ze denken.

So true. Holding out for a time where we can all just enjoy our lives and our fashion covers, free to sweat the bigger stuff.

What's crazy is how HATED Lena Dunham is, for being opinionated (and yes, sometimes putting her foot in it - but that's the nature of having an opinion!) and simply for looking like the everyday normal woman. Like people really really HATE her and say the most nasty things about her appearance, it comes from both men and women. It's so blatantly a symptom of patriarchy, it makes me sick. I don't know that we would be best friends in another lifetime - but i'll always admire someone who says what they think with best intentions, Lena is an activist for noble causes. You could never find a male counterpart with the same measure of vilification over their appearance. Bravo to her for staying true.