Sofie Valkiers baby bump
Sofie Valkiers baby bump
Sofie Valkiers baby bump

At the beginning of my pregnancy, when I asked my friends for their most valuable pregnancy-related tips, one of my besties very profoundly stressed the importance of carefully documenting the entire experience - especially my growing baby bump, because it was going to fly by. I remember laughing because 1) feeling sick 24/7 seemed to last forever and all of my days felt endless and miserable - if nothing else 2) I didn't see how this would even be an issue with the amount of pictures that are taken of just about every aspect of my life (since it's such an important part of my job).

Fast forward to today and not only do I keep wondering where time went the past couple of months, I recently came to the conclusion that there are a surprisingly low amount of pictures of Marcio & I as parents-to-be. Since we're not exactly in front of the camera together on a super frequent basis (exceptions herehere and here) it's just something that slipped our minds. So during our babymoon we thought it'd be fun to go all the way, and use our beautiful house at the Sources de Caudalie as a backdrop for full-on cheesy baby bump pictures (we're so good at it if we want to :)). And honestly, I'm so happy we did, because I secretly love how they turned out (I also had been waiting for the right opportunity to shoot this pretty embroidered Scapa dress, because it's just so flattering! ;)). Marcio has been as supportive and protective as I expected him to be during these past months, and I can't wait to see him together with our boy in just a few weeks. Little bunny, we're so ready for you!

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Hoe mooi !!! deze foto's , vertederend !
Nog mooier binnenkort, als je de baby in je armen kan nemen .
Zowat de mooiste ervaring in een vrouwen leven .
Maak je geen zorgen, voor slapeloze nachten enz... dat gaat allemaal vanzelf !

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