You guys, I can't believe I can finally share this with you: I'm beyond excited to introduce my new book, Little Black Book for Moms!! I honestly can't believe this is my third book already, I can't thank you enough for your support. :) My books have always been a true reflection of the most important things in my life at that time. My first baby, Little Black Book, was all about how I started my career in fashion and my favourite ultimate styling tips & fashion hotspots. In my second book, Mood of the Day, I dug a little deeper into how I pick out my outfit of the day so that it exactly matches my mood of the day - something I've learned to perfect over the years. Sooo what was going to be the subject of my third book?? Becoming a first time mama, of course! :)

When I got pregnant with our boy Gabriel I had no clue about what to expect. I'm a control freak by nature so I wanted to find out ALL: I stalked my mama and girlfriends with all kinds of questions and stocked up on pregnancy books, just to prep for what would probably be the biggest life change ever. I found lots of info on practical things but, well ... let's just say I had fashion issues haha. I literally couldn't find one book that focused on fashion & beauty issues pre- and post-baby! You know, things that make those 9 months even more magical: styling your baby bump, hunting down those first tiny baby clothes, figuring out how to fake that pregnancy glow if it doesn’t appear naturally, picking the name and the birth announcements, preparing the nursery, going on your babymoon, and then packing your hospital delivery bag in those nerve-wracking last few weeks.

But also: coping with so many new emotions, learning how to truly take it easier, asking yourself what kind of mama you want to be, and then trying to incorporate that tiny new little person into your life as well as possible. And yep, that means putting together the perfect diaper bag and hunting down the cutest mama-and-baby twinning outfits, just as much as it means coming up with smart tricks to cope with all those short nights, and pulling out all the stops to make great memories for your very first Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, summer holiday and Halloween. I all talk about it in the book, and it felt so gooood to write it all down! :)

It's definitely the most personal (and scary) thing to put out there, but I so hope that it will help you enjoy the most incredible thing that will ever happen to you even more! OMG that thought already makes me tear up now. :) xx biggest kiss


You can now buy Little Black Book for Moms via Lannoo ( available in Dutch and English). I will be signing my book at Boekenbeurs on the 3rd of November, hope to see you there? 

International customers can buy the book via Amazon, and from also via Bol!

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Similar to: Berry White, Black Cherry, G13, Afghani Kush
Flavors: Earthy, Berry, Sweet
Effects: Sleepy, Hungry, Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric
Medical: Lack of Appetite, Insomnia, Pain, Stress, Depression
Potency: 16-24% THC Content

Blackberry Kush is a predominant Indica strain that is a result of crossing Blackberry with the landrace Afghani strain. Blackberry Kush offers dark purple buds with vibrant orange trichomes blanketing them throughout. This strain is known for providing intense and consistent relief from pain and inflammation thanks to its strong Indica properties. When enjoying it you will taste hints of sweet berries that are accompanied by a hash and diesel like smell. When enjoying it you will taste hints of sweet berries that are accompanied by a hash and diesel like smell. When enjoying it you will taste hints of sweet berries that are accompanied by a hash and diesel like smell. With lineage linking to the landrace Afghani strain, you can be sure that it will provide you with everything you love about Indica Cannabis strains

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