A very Merry Merry




It’s Christmas morning and I’m sitting here with my cup tea in the morning sun ( I’m currently in Brazil) … Last night was so much fun: eating turkey with my Brazilian family, watching cheesy Christmas movies and unwrapping lots of presents. It’s just so nice to spend time with the ones you love and celebrate just being together. I wish you all Merry Christmas and I hope everyone is having an amazing time with  family and friends. A very Merry Merry! X Sofie

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Sofie, you look amazing as well and so is your cute little family. I can't believe your boy is this big now and can stand on his own. Your family looks so happy and i wish you will always stay like this.
Stipe Jones

Merry Christmas and Happy New year greetz xoxo from Cape Town

You look exquisite as nicely and so is your adorable little circle of relatives. I cannot trust your boy is this large now and may stand on his own. Your own family looks so glad and I want you'll constantly stay like this. What an afternoon Christmas is usually the pleasant time of the 12 months to spend time along with your circle of relatives. https://idealthesis.com/best-dissertation-help/