Chanel - Central Park Series






chanel4One of the things I love the most about attending Fashion Week, is the way you get completely swept away by all the details of the set, the collection, the styling,…. From rocketships and airports to grocery stores, Chanel definitely knows how to transform the Grand Palais into something magical! The last Chanel Fall Winter collection setting was exactly that: a magical forest with giant trees that lined up the runway. This autumnal wonderland has definitely inspired me for my latest collaboration with Chanel…

For me personally, autumn is my favourite season. There is nothing more romantic than watching colorful leaves fall, spending hours at home with a good book and some hot tea and snuggling up with my cat Bobke. Watching nature’s gorgeous transformation is just so soothing and relaxing… so when I was in New York for Fashion Week, I had to take an early morning walk in Central Park! It’s the perfect moment to drink my coffee, to reflect on my busy day and to get some fresh ideas for the weeks to come. As for my first outfit, I opted for a cozy two-piece knitted set and one of my favourite Chanel bags ever. It’s soooo fluffy and cozy that it reflects exactly my mood at this moment!

Stay tuned for the next part of my Chanel Central Park series… so excited! X S.

I'm wearing: Trois knitted set / Chanel sunnies ( from the Coco Neige collection) / shearling Chanel bag / Soru necklace/ Malone Souliers shoes

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