Here's a significantly uncool fact about me: I always get up at 6am. And yes, that includes the weekends. By now, I'm already used to my cat looking at me with his sleepy are-you-kidding-me eyes when I start rumbling around the house on a cold Sunday morning, at a time when normal people are still fast asleep. And obviously, I have my crazy busy monkey mind to blame for that. Because no matter how blissfully deep I slept, sure enough, around 6am my mind starts to fill up with ideas, random thoughts and endless to-do lists (which obviously has a major impact on my morning routine). Add some newly developed pregnancy anxiety to the mix, and you got yourself a really busy head, that can be downright exhausting. So naturally, over the years, I had to come up with some really effective ways to put a stop to all the madness and calm my mind - for real. If you're blessed with a similarly overly active mind, do not fear, because these are the 3 always-work ways to clear my head!


clear your head



While it may sound totally obvious now, it actually took me a while to understand that the origin of my crowded mind lies in the fact that I'm a very sensitive person. And I mean this in the most literal way, namely that my senses are basically always on high alert. Whatever smells, sounds, sights, feels or tastes surround me, I take them in with a 100% impact, no filters or nuances. So it only makes sense (ha!) that shutting my brain off from those impulses is a super efficient way to clear my head and create some much-needed peace. More specifically, I try to do a totally silent activity all by myself (it's always nice to spend time with yourself, right?): instead of focusing on sounds or visual impressions I read my favourite magazines on the couch with our sweet Bobke next to me, meditate with the windows open, or light my favourite candles and take a little nap. Even if it only takes 20 minutes, I swear this little break has an impact on my entire day!



Planning a trip has always had a very calming effect on me. I guess it's just the idea of leaving everything behind and seizing the day in a way that can only be done in a new-to-you place in the world that really resets my mind. As I'm browsing through my favourite airbnb destinations and perfectly curated travel guides, it's as if I'm already there - minus the jetlags and endless layovers at the airport. So whenever I feel that my mind starts to get cluttered, I take out my bucket list (currently focused on China & India!) and start daydreaming about our next adventures. Added bonus is the fact that these days, it also helps me to get used to the idea of traveling with our little boy, which is so nice!



Since I usually postpone organising our house until there's no escape, it always gives me the greatest satisfaction. I totally get the idea of a Spring cleaning, and how it simultaneously cleanses your mind, so I do try to put the concept into practice with every changing season. More recently, I swear that cleaning out my second dressing to make room for the nursery was the no. 1 thing I had to do to calm my freaked out mama-to-be mind, so after that was done, I made a promise to myself to tackle the redecoration of our kitchen and home office very soon. Because, after all, a happy home means a happy mind, right?


What are your go-to tricks to clear your head? Anything I could add to this little list? :)

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Wat een leuk artikel Sofie! Ik snap je heel goed, al sta ik dan wel niet op om 6 uur, mijn hoofd draait ook vaak overuren... Je eerste tip pas ik dan ook al geregeld toe, yoga en meditatie helpen mij vooral. Je twee andere tips ga ik zeker eens testen, wanneer ik mezelf nog eens helemaal voorbij loop. :) Veel liefs, Sofie van
Wooow! Dat ben ik helemaal, hoogsensitief. Ik ga soms gewoon op bed liggen, alles los van elkaar en probeer heel diep in- en uit te ademen (niet blazen, maar gewoon de mond open en er uit laten komen). En sinds kort pilates om de spieren te verlengen/ontspannen. Take care met de newborn baby xxx
Hey Anouck! Yes, één van de nadelen van zo zintuiglijk te zijn is dat je alles 100% opneemt, the good & the bad - en dan helpen kleine trucjes wel. :) Thanx voor je lieve wensen! xx
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