A touch of D&G


As you guys know I’m decorating my home and slowly it’s coming together. I’m now starting on the kitchen and I have to be honest… I spend a huge amount of time imagining my dream kitchen: hand painted tiles, black cupboards topped off with white marble and last but not least, amazing kitchen appliances. So you can understand…as a big foodie my fridge is everything :) So here’s what’s on top of my wishlist: a Smeg designed by Dolce & Gabbana! They are all hand-painted by Sicilian artists, with scenes inspired by Italian medieval art and Sicilian horse carts. It took almost 240 hours to complete one fridge! So here comes the tricky part: the hefty 30.000 euro price tag! Oops, for that price I can’t even afford food to store in it! I think the basic model will do for now …. :) Oh well, a girl can only dream, right? What’s on your kitchen dream wish list? XO Sofie 

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