Of all the things that seem effortless from the outside but are actually batshit crazy in real life, traveling with a baby is the unrivalled no. 1. Exploring new parts of the world has always been a big part of my life, and before Gabriel was born, I mostly dreamt about these picture perfect trips, where he'd be taking in all my favourite parts around the world with big curious eyes - no public meltdowns or spit-up to be seen. :) Fast forward to his first trip to Paris at 4 months old, and it was instantly clear that traveling with a little one literally takes an army. So yes, of all the baby purchases I made (remember my 5 fave pieces for newborns?), the ones that have made our beloved trips so much easier were the best investments. If you're planning a little family vacay right now, these are the 5 things you need to travel with a baby!


travel with a baby

travel with a baby


If you only make one travel-friendly purchase, let it be this super compact stroller. No matter how much I love my beautiful Mima Xari, it's kind of impossible to take on trips. Many of you recommended this Babyzen stroller as one of the lightest and most practical ones out there, and it didn't disappoint! Since it folds into a tiny package in a matter of seconds it's perfect to check in at the airport, and while it does take a little more steering out on the streets (it really is very lightweight), all in all it's practical, sleek & fun, so definitely a winner! (and for who's wondering: the watermelon teething toy is from Oli & Carol :))


travel with a baby


When we took our first trip to Paris as a family of 3 in September, we hadn't anticipated that Gabriel, at only 5.5 months old, would already have outgrown his carry-around car seat. Since he obviously wasn't able to sit by himself just yet, this 2-in-1 infant car seat that turns into a little stroller turned out to be a real lifesaver. It's perfect for trips that require a long drive and will come in handy when you have to run lots of errands on location (you can just take the whole thing with you instead of waking up your mini). And since Gabriel loves to see his surroundings (he's so curious! :)) I also found it a nice change from the Babyzen stroller, because this one lets him sit up a bit more straight. The perfect duo!


travel with a baby


Another piece that can be folded into a tiny package, but transforms into a comfy crib in a matter of seconds! What I love most about this one is that its rectangular shape makes it suitable for naps and playing alike, once your baby's a bit older. It's simple and safe, and 100% fuss-free.


I had heard lots of good things about this fluffy buddy before Gabriel was born. Apart from being all soft & cuddly it also has a double soothing effect, with a soft pink light and calming sounds (including a heartbeat, waterfall, harp, and ahem, vacuum cleaner :)). It's easy to carry around, and makes your little one feel at home no matter where you are.


travel with a baby


Again with his long legs, Gabriel grew out of his newborn sleeping bag super fast, so this cute shark one from Baby Bites (98 cm long!) was the perfect addition to our baby travel pieces. It's soft and practical (because 100% cotton) and can also be used as a stroller bag, to keep your mini warm on the go. And let's be honest: it just puts a smile on your face every single time. :)


What are your favourite pieces to travel with a baby? Anything I should run out & buy right now? I'd love to hear!

Strollers and crib are available via Het Land van Ooit, shark sleeping bag via De Gele Flamingo

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