You guys, can you believe Marcio & I will be celebrating our 11th Valentine's Day together this year?? I know that Valentine's Day can feel a bit blah, especially when you're going through a break-up or feel a lot of pressure to get that perfect gift, but I secretly love it. :) 

And this year is extra special, since it's our first Valentine's Day as parents. More than ever, I love holding on to traditions that we had before our boy came into our lives, and I actually believe that it's one of the things that keeps our relationship fresh & healthy. So this year, since we'll be leaving NYC on Valentine's Day, I wanted to pre-celebrate the day of love in a very special way. Marcio obviously knows of my obsession with the NYC skyline (who remembers this one?), so he surprised me with an amazing NYC rooftop date night! Since I was dressing up for an unknown destination I went with timeless classics: a hot red dress, matching red lips, a big fluffy coat, and my favourite jewellery from Chopard's Happy Hearts collection (aren't they the cutest?)! 

As we went up to the roof to take in one of my favourite views in the world, I honestly couldn't believe how pretty the scenery was! We stayed for a little while, watching the entire city light up around velvet hour, as afternoon became evening. Sooo amazing!


Thanks so much for making my heart the happiest every single day, my love! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :)

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