Full disclosure: when I found out I was pregnant back in September I was pretty psyched about the idea of having the baby before high Summer. Apart from not exactly being into the idea of lugging around a 3.5 kg baby during a heat wave (happened anyways :)), one of my favourite things to do in Summer is hanging out by the water, comfortably flipping through a stack of magazines and sipping on rosé. So now that our little one's here I can't wait to try out all of this season's cutest swimwear styles, and since I'm not having it with the Summer body madness: why not go with one of these 6 most flattering swimwear styles of the season? If you're a bit hesitant about the how's and why's: we're giving more piece-by-piece details below, 'cause this is real. Happy tanning, everyone!


  • MUSTARD HIGH-WAISTED TWO-PIECE - MADE BY DAWN This is easily one of my favourite swimwear brands of the moment, not in the least because of their original & super flattering cuts! This sophisticated mustard coloured two-piece includes a V-shaped high-waisted ribbed bottom and bandeau top, that will guaranteed slim down your silhouette!
  • DENIM ONE-PIECE - AGENT PROVOCATEUR Remember how we told you that denim was going to come back with a vengeance this year? Well, after wearing it on your feet you should definitely consider adopting it for your swimwear too, and this piece is especially attractive since it plays with a little optical illusion (see the yellow seams that are pointed inwards?) that will again slim down your waist. Plus if you're looking to create a little cleavage, the clever lace-up top will totally allow you to do that too.
  • NUDE TIED UP TWO-PIECE - H&M If you want to make your legs look longer (without wearing heels, because hey, you're on vacation) a tied up bottom with a high cut is the way to go, and this one is as cute as it's affordable!
  • SHELL-SHAPED TWO-PIECE - LOVESTORIES Here's an easy trick to make your chest look fuller: pair a light or printed top with a dark(er) bottom! Bonus points of course if the top is shell- or scalloped-shaped.
  • GREEN CUT-OUT ONE-PIECE - AGENT PROVOCATEUR Strategically places cut-outs are a crowd's favourite for a number of reasons, the main one being that they easily divert the attention from areas you don't want to focus on (and vice versa). And going with a monochrome piece is, apart from being so on trend, another great way to make your legs look longer.
  • GEOMETRIC PRINTED TWO-PIECE - EMMA PAKE Electric '70s prints were going to be huge this Summer, and that's also true for swimwear. This bandeau-shaped top will make your chest appear smaller, and is just perfect to pair with a sheer top for an always on point après-beach party look!


What's your favourite swimwear style of the season? Any secret flattering styling tricks I should try? :)

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