A finale goodbye to Karl Lagerfeld












The Grand Palais was transformed into a little winter wonderland for it’s FW 19 show: rustic chalets and trees topped in snow, Chanel ski’s everywhere and beautiful mountain views. For me ( and many others) it was such an emotional event, as it was Karl’s final collection for Chanel. There was moment of silence before the show and a little drawing of Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel saying ‘ The beat goes on’. I think the most special moment was when Penelope Cruz walked down the runway holding a white rose and smiled at the audience… so pure and emotional!

The models looked amazing in their Apres-ski outfits: shearling boots, menswear inspired coats in houndstooth print, white dresses ( that looked like little snowflakes), embroidered bandana’s,… Everything looked so comfy, warm and pretty wearable. I want it all for my next ski trip :)

As for my outfit, I actually blended in pretty well. It was a little bit cold that morning in Paris so I opted for a green jumpsuit with shearling arms… Oh, and let’s talk about my pink bag… isn’t it a dream??!

Thank you so much for having me, Chanel! I Can’t wait to book my ski trip ! :)

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