24 hours in Las Vegas: my hotspots


Sometimes you just want to celebrate your inner glitter instincts, and what better place for doing that than Las Vegas? We were only there for 24 hours, so we were really determined to make the most of it. Having just attended Coachella, which already scores pretty high on the partying front, I didn’t expect to be taken aback by the glitz of the Vegas scene, but o boy, is this something different! :) As can be expected of a city that essentially focuses on all of the lights, Las Vegas is really most enjoyable at nighttime, after the sun has set. We drove to the famous Neon Boneyard, a graveyard for the city’s typical neon signs; while we weren’t able to get in at our first attempt (make sure you get your ticket for the guided tours beforehand!), we thought it would be worth to try again later, and it didn’t disappoint. The vibrant colors of the retired neon signs were THE coolest backdrop for pictures, especially during velvet hour, when the neon lights were already lit but it wasn’t so dark you had to use a flash (which, let’s be honest, is always a killer).

If you’re in a shopping mood, the Forum Shops offer a wide range of high-end fashion, in a completely over-the-top building that was built after an impression of the Roman Empire (just go with it :)). Our favorite activity, apart from taking in all the gloriously kitschy hotels and casinos on The Strip, was going up in The Stratosphere, a sort of futuristic building that houses lots of scary attractions (I totally chickened out) and offers the most amazing view of Las Vegas and beyond. Further, the Bellagio, with its crazy fountains and rooftop pools, turned out to be our no. 1  hotel/casino, and we’d also definitely recommend having burgers in your most glamorous outfit at the Mirage’s BLT Burger, where the meat is 100% certified and the cheese and toppings are deliciously fresh.

We just made it to the Grand Canyon, and to make the transition from the city of glitter to these gorgeous lands a bit smoother we stopped by the Hoover Dam on the way; while the Lake Short Drive is not really worth a detour, the dam and bridge itself are really nice. I can’t wait to share our Grand Canyon highlights soon! XO Sofie

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