My Bedroom Reveal


While the impact and importance of a good night sleep are common knowledge, I still have a tendency to underestimate this. I often find myself in different time zones, and while some people say you get used to jetlags after a while, this is definitely not the case for me and my boyfriend, so more often than not we find ourselves wide eyed in our hotel rooms in the middle of the night.
This is to say that our bedroom at home is a BIG deal. More specifically, I was very determined to make this a zen space, with a focus on nothing else but peace and quiet. For this room, I made a concious effort to invest in excellent pieces that help to make the most of our nights at home, and I’m so excited with the result! While the room itself is not very spacious, it’s got a nice height, with white walls and orignal wooden beams and floors, all of which I adore.

The bed is the key piece – in many ways: I wanted it to be of the very best quality, to overcome my issues as a restless sleeper, and of course it had to be beautiful, taking up most of the room. I relied on the expertise of Noppe Slaapcultuur, a local shop that quite simply has the most heavenly selection of beds I ever came across. The staff really takes the time to get to know your sleeping habits, and then miraculously hook you up with the bed, mattress, and pillows of your dreams. We were fortunate enough to have our bed custom made by Noppe, including two personalized mattresses (my boyfriend’s is a bit firmer than mine) and a deep blue headboard that feels both current and nostalgic.

The other pieces in our bedroom were chosen with the same vision in mind, as they all have a clean and natural feel. It was love at first sight with the Pomax wooden chandelier; it’s definitely an eyecatcher – especially at night when the reflection of the wooden pearls is projected onto the white walls, but it’s still natural and serene enough to blend in. To balance out the romantic dreamy vibes of the chandelier I added the Pomax golden geometric side tables, which are just the right size for holding my nightly essentials and a little lamp for bedtime stories.

I have honestly been amazed by how much of an impact the finishing of this room has had on my excitement to go to bed each night, as it is such an overall improvement. I have developed a relaxing nightly routine, where I light my Sanui candle, make a hot cup of tea with some Goodnight Dust by Moon Juice, throw on my Asceno silk pj’s and Ugg boots, ready to cosy up underneath my beloved Missoni plaid with our sweet cuddly Bobke, who is the softest and most precious addition to every room anyway. :)

Nighty night... XO Sofie

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