My dressing on The Coveteur!


As you all know, I just moved in to our new house. We had to do quite some renovations but now it’s finally time for the fun part: decorating! Last week The Coveteur called me as they wanted to do a feature on my closet so I rushed everything in one weekend to get it ready in time for the shoot. Ikea came to install my shoe and wardrobe closet, which was quite customized, as my walls are over 3 meters long. It was always a dream to have a big closet ( with a separate wall for only shoes) and guess what… sometimes dreams come true. :) I still can’t believe it! I called my family to help me to empty all the boxes and to put everything in place… and tadaaaah, my closet was ready just in time for the shoot. You can check the result here! Oh, and if you read the story you will get to know everything about SANUI, my new project which is about to launch very soon. Such exciting times to come! Xo Sofie 

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