My style evolution through the years


The best thing of having a blog is that you really have a good diary for yourself. It makes it so much easier to look back at different time periods in your life and all the things that go together with it. I learned so much about myself and my style by having this blog: what hair color suits me, what looks good on my body, what kind of make-up I like,… and it ‘s crazy how much a person changes over a 5 years period. I never thought my style changed that much through the years but when I look at the photographic evidence … there is no denying! So here we go…

2010: I was always quite aware of my body type and how to enhance certain body parts so I guess I was playing it safe with some feminine skirts and long knits to put more focus on my legs. I was wearing really a lot of mini skirts!!!This hair color looks quite horrible in my eyes: way too red-ish!!! I wasn’t too much into make-up yet which explains the flushed out face. I actually started blogging in 2009 but I wasn’t posting any outfits in the beginning ( it felt really awkward)  so these photo’s were really the first ones I took and posted online. 

2011: The blog was still a hobby for me, as I just started my own marketing agency. I experimented a little bit more with different textures ( hello sequin pants!) and colors ( that dress is still one of my favourites!) in my wardrobe and I was really trying to find my own style. Not an easy thing to do! I also started to post more pictures of my outfits and my daily life.

2012: The year that I got out of my comfort zone and really started experimenting with my closet. It was also the first time I attended fashion week in New York so I picked out some more daring pieces such as that printed suit and bright blue skirt. I also got my first Cartier piece that year: the black tank watch, which I still wear every day. My hair color was already much better although I still don’t like the pony in front of my face …. Not sure why but I think it makes me look older or something.

2013: The year that I participated on tv show ‘ Shoot’ on Vijf tv, designed my own collection for Essentiel and organized my fist Ladies Night. It was quite a crazy year and the beginning of my full time blogging career. You can definitely tell it was my full time job, as you look at all the outfit pictures I took that year. J I had a thing for skinny jeans and high heels and played more with volumes (tight skirts with oversized jackets). I also bought my first leather pants that year and since then I’m addicted. My closet got a big cleaning and I decided to wear less ‘fast fashion’ and invest more in quality pieces. I also discovered black eyeliner and was completely into the Brigitte Bardot look- can you tell?

2014: This year was one of the best ones ever; I walked for the first time the red carpet ( which was super scary!!!) at the film festival in Cannes, attended my first Amfar event, wrote my first book (which was sold out in 45 days), hosted an other Fashionata’s Ladies Night which was also sold out in 2 hours ( even more crazy!!!) and shot a beauty campaign with Dior in Paris. This year was also the year that my boyfriend joined me to work full time on Fashionata and we could travel the world together. I don’t think my style of 2014 changed that much with how it is at the moment but if you compare with the years before,… it definitely became a little bit more adventurous and colourful. I got less afraid to experiment and to try new things. This is also the year that I realized that normcore isn’t my thing…. I really get happy with bright colors and fun prints. Not too much over the top but a good balance of it.

2015: The first part of the year was already pretty exciting and inspiring and at the moment, I’m doing a huge spring cleaning in my closet. I really like the 70’s vibe which is going on but I also can’t wait for the winter season trends to arrive (totally my cup of tea!!). I’m wearing less skinny jeans and miniskirts and way more sneakers ( although I still love high heels) and loose jeans.  My jewelry collection didn’t change that much, it just grew up a little ( no more jewelry that you have to throw away after 2 times wearing, but classic and sustainable pieces). Most of my jewelry pieces I have already 5 years and I’m still wearing them every day. Voila, that’s it I guess…. I really find it quite hard to pinpoint what style I am so I just wear what I feel like and what suits my body type. So do you think my style changed a lot? And yours? Did you go through a style evolution? I’m so curious to hear your stories!!! 

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