Look, this isn’t anything personal against Belgium, but some years this country really has a problem with taking Summer seriously. Hinting at what could be by having a perfectly sunny pre-Summer but then letting it slide with endless rainy days and what seems like no daylight at all; that’s just not nice. And because we’ve all been there (there must be other countries that go through the same sufferings, right? RIGHT?), here are 3 ways to make the most of a pretend-Summer.

It’s a small world, these days. I’m not kidding when I say that I feel so lucky to live in a time when it’s super easy and affordable to get from one place to another. So if you feel like you just can’t take it anymore, let your boss know you’ll be SO much more productive after taking a well deserved break, book a ticket to a guaranteed sunny destination, and off you go! (if you’d like any suggestions: this eco hotel in Mexico, this villa in Portugal, and this resort in Italy are definitely bucket list material!)

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It can feel a bit contradictory to watch a movie in de middle of the day during the season of outdoor bbq’s and tanning by the pool, but hey, if the weather forces you to stay inside you might as well make the most of it. And what better way to fake a sunny day than  to get lost in a little bit of fiction? Make a huge batch of this delicious rosemary parmezan popcorn (bonus: your house will smell a bit like the Provence!) and nestle yourself on the couch for 2 hours of delightful make-belief.

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There’s no better excuse for an afternoon of facials and manicures with your besties, than some good old-fashioned lousy weather. Let’s be honest, making your body Summer-ready can be a bit of a drag, because in between waxing, keeping your feet smooth, your skin glowy and tan, and your nail polish unchipped, it can feel like A LOT. So it ’s actually quite nice to really take the time to take care of all of this stuff, so that you’re 100% ready when the endless days of eating popsicles and sipping ice cold ginger lime juice finally present themselves. You hear that, Summer? WE ARE READY!!

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