How to: stay chic while working out


Our generation is thankfully much more interested in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle than fad diets and unachievable body standards, lead by the rise of athleticism in celebrities like singer Ellie Goulding and models Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss. Instagram has also seen a rise in toned female bodies – Kayla Itsines, Base Body Babes and Lydia Millen are all amazing if you need some inspiration!
First of all, having the right sportswear can make you feel much more confident in the gym or on the track and help you perform better too. Avoid things like oversized old t-shirts and cotton leggings – these aren’t stretchy enough for working out and you’ll overheat and burn out quicker. Brands like Nike, Lululemon, Sweaty Betty and Lorna Jane do great sportswear that looks stylish too. For a cheaper option, H&M do a great range for yoga, running and outdoor activities. Look out for ‘quick-dry’ fabrics which will wick sweat away from your body for greater comfort and cooler body temperature.
I always like to have my hair away from my face - plaits are a cute option as they secure the hair in place, look cool and require minimal effort. There’s so many options you can try with plaits – fishtail, French, ponytail, halo, milkmaid – be experimental!
Finally, sweat-proof your face. If you prefer to wear a little make-up, try a tinted moisturiser as it’s less heavy than foundation and wont slide off your skin. Switch powder products for cream-based– they’re quicker to apply, easier to blend and will withstand a workout. Gel eyeliner and waterproof mascara are the most long-wearing options for eyes, and don’t forget to apply a lip balm as lips often dry out in warm environments or can chap in cold outdoor weather.

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