Going shopping in Thailand goes something like this: you wake up, have an amazing noodle soup-based breakfast, and then - as a way of prepping your visit to one of the biggest markets in Bangkok - you take a moment to remind yourself there's nothing you really need. You put on a breezy outfit, bravely face the crazy traffic, and once you arrive, taking in the brightest of colours, all the local handmade treasures, and delicously smelling fresh food, you instantly know you were totally kidding yourself: you need it ALL. So needless to say, I've already picked up numerous treasures here in beautiful Thailand, that will make our suitcases impossibly heavy and my heart happy forever. :) Today I'm sharing my 3 favorite finds so far. XO Sofie


I have a thing for kaftans, because they're soooo easy to throw on and make you look chique and puttogether, even when it's very hot outside. And they happen to have a seriously amazing selection over here, handmade from gorgeous organic cotton and silk. The 3 pieces I bought - soft green & pink, dark blue & red, and with a star-and-moon print - have the most delicate embroidery and cheerful tassels.


One who says Thailand says elephants, and they really are just everywhere. My fave piece so far is a black handpainted elephant bracelet with golden details. It's a chunky statement piece, that will be so much fun to layer with more delicate pieces and the laid back friendship bracelets that I got my hands on today. On my nails, I'm wearing Sugarful by Faby, a gorgeous fresh white for summer! 


The food here has been so amazing, and this fresh coconut ice cream is definitely in my top-3 (and that's saying something!). This desert takes the concept of 'fresh' to the next level: the ice cream is served in an actual coconut, of which the flesh is mixed in. It's 100% natural and the most perfect refreshment to conquer the heat. SO.GOOD

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Hi, I would like to know where you bought the kaftans and the bracelet, because I am going to Bangkok next month and I really love them. Thank you!