Celebrating Spring in Cannes


My first Red Carpet look in Cannes was all about celebrating the beauty of nature. My amazing dress, designed by Georges Hobeika, had a sleek white front and a long floaty back with the most delicately embroidered leaf pattern. I absolutely adored the sequin details that contrasted nicely with the plain front; a perfect ode to Spring when nature is in full bloom. My jewelry were provided by Boucheron, my beloved partner for this year’s Film Festival. Without skipping a beat, I chose Boucheron’s Hans-the-hedgehog ring, that is part of their insanely sweet Animal Collection (each piece has its own individual name, which is too cut for words!). I felt that the ring complemented nicely with the rest of my nature-y outfit, as well as with my classic hair updo, nails ( I'm wearing Pretty Pink Perseveres by OPI) and make-up; it’s such a fun playful twist to a luxurious piece of jewelry, and I also couldn’t help but feel like it was representative of the zoo that is the Cannes Film Festival :). My boyfriend Marcio, in an Essentiel tuxedo, was thankfully by my side when I climbed the iconic red stairs. We really enjoyed the whole evening, from our sunlight drenched shooting on the roof of our Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic to our nervous ride to the Red Carpet; definitely a night to remember! XO Sofie


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