Blue & gold


I love the combination of blue & gold, it gives such a great balance between the casual vibe of a jeans and the more refined gold. This Filles a Papa jeans definitely does all the talking here so I kept the rest of the outfit simple with a white t-shirt and my new golden slip-ons ( yep, I went for the golden ones at Enes the other day!). The backpack is definitely a full-fledged trend at the moment so I decided to go for it as soon as I spotted a nice streamlined one in black. The problem I have with backpacks is that they look so childish ( perhaps it reminds me too much of my childhood)- do you agree?  I’m happy that this one is very stylish and made form the softest leather! I do only wear it slung over one shoulder and not as a full backpack, as it looks more effortless, what do you think?

i'm wearing: Filles a Papa jeans/ Frame tshirt/ Leather Crown slip ons ( all available at Enes) // Rabeanco backpack 

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