This week's Thailand treasures are all about my 3 favorite island finds, that made my heart skip a beat when I came across them. :) As much as I loved the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the islands we visited (stay tuned for my hotspots!) were so memorable, not in the least because of these little gems.


On every island we visited we were greeted with this wonderfully bright gift. Flower bracelets are very common welcoming gifts in Thailand; as a tribute to Buddha, they're the ultimate good-luck-symbols, which are also often gifted by children to their parents or teachers, to show their respect. Though it might seem a bit touristy at first, I think it's actually a really nice tradition, and the fragrance and cheerful appearance of the flowers will work wonders in making your hotel room feel special and personal in an instant.


Those of you who follow me on Snapchat probably saw my astonishment over this dessert because: fried ice cream WHAT?? I'm not exactly sure how it went down, but let's just say that between the sweets that were mixed in, the scraping of the little ice cream rolls on a metal plate, and their delicate arrangement into a cheerful cup, I was 100% satisfied with this odd dish. And it tasted soooo good! Make sure to order one (or several) on your next trip to Thailand!


Snail masks are a huge hype in Asia right now, so I couldn't wait to try them! Since they're supposed to whiten your complexion by removing dark spots and recovering your skin (thanks to the winter green leaf extract) Asian women swear by them. As it turned out, there were about a million options to choose from, and I ended up buying one of the most natural (paraben free!) ones I could find. I've tried my selected sheet mask a couple of times now, leaving it on for about 15 minutes, and these are my thoughts. The only thing that reminded me of its - ahem - peculiar origins is the mask's texture, which is, well, snail-y. But since it's precisely the thick slithery composition that gives the mask its super moisturizing powers, I'm very forgiving towards its snail references, and I have to say that my skin felt super hydrated and soft afterwards. And for those of you who're wondering about the smell: don't worry, it just smells fresh and clean, not escargot reminiscent at all. :) So definitely a thumbs up from me!

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