Unlocking your dreams


One of the things I’d been looking forward the most regarding my trip to the Grand Canyon are the spectacular sunsets, and saying that I was not disappointed is the understatement of the century. As someone who is naturally drawn to the forces of nature, that time of the day when the sun starts to set against this uniquely powerful background of the canyons feels particularly special to me. There is just something so pure and beautiful about the day transitioning into the night, when you get to think back on your adventures and look ahead to what’s coming, and everything seems possible.
The other day, we decided to fully capture this magical moment when shooting for Cartier’s Amulette collection. I couldn’t help but sense the resemblance between the pure beauty of the dimming sunlight and the featured piece, the Gold Guilloché, that with its simple shape and all-natural materials, has a timeless classic and comforting beauty that matches the sun’s. The Amulettes were specifically designed to hold your wishes, hopes, dreams, and aspirations, as a modern day talisman.
In that moment, during the most magical time of the day, at one of the most magical places on earth, everything just sort of clicked, and the amount of natural beauty surrounding me made me realize that, in fact, dreams really do come true if you just hold on to them long enough.

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