Video: "What's in my bag? " with Valerie De Booser


Valerie is wearing: Hunkydory dress and bracelets / Alaia shoes / Céline bag
I'm wearing: Sofie Valkiers for Essentiel shoes and Jeans / Acne Tshirt / Mango blazer / Cartier watch  

I always carry around a million things in my bag: my phone, camera, a make-up case, wallet, keys, deo, perfume,… and I’m always super curious about what women carry with them in their purses! So I asked Valerie De Booser to tell us a bit more about her every day essentials by opening her (designer) bag for us. Valerie De Booser is a mum ( she has two adorable kids) , a wife ( I’m sure everybody in Belgium knows Koen Wauters) and an entrepreneur ( she owns the clothing store Histoires De Femmes).  So here is a peek inside Valerie’s bag…. Enjoy!!! 

[video: width:650 height:650]

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