Sofie Valkiers gender reveal


So excited to finally reveal the gender of our first baby to you all: we're expecting a little boy!! We found out as soon as they were able to tell us - and honestly even a little bit before that, in between my third and fourth month, when it was 'likely, but not 100% sure' (because we were just that curious :)). I somehow always suspected it was going to be a boy (though I know that sounds weird), and I'm pretty sure he's going to have the Brazilian temperament of his papa, because he's been super active throughout my entire pregnancy. Finding out the gender of our baby was one of the most exciting moments of my life, so I'd love to share some little details!



I'm not going to lie: before I got pregnant I was secretly wishing for a girl. There wasn't a super rational reason, but I just pictured myself sharing my dressing with her and talking about boys - classic girls' stuff. :) So when I first heard we were having a boy, with the state of mind I was in, I was a teeny bit bummed out. But as it goes, when I saw the first sonogram of our little boy where his features were already super distinctive (so crazy!) I literally felt my heart swell, and I honestly didn't care if that little human was boy, girl, or something in between. :) It was such a comfort to experience this kind of all-absorbing love for the first time, and I couldn't be more excited about the prospect of welcoming our jumpy guy soon.


Sofie Valkiers gender reveal



I obviously have a bit more experience with girls' fashion than with boys', but picking out baby boy things has actually been a lot of fun! Once I got over the fact that I couldn't go crazy with little dresses and skirts I realised there are so many cute things for boys out there (little dungarees! animal hats! soft leggings!). And since I'm not naturally drawn towards super girly things anyways, it's been easy to decorate the baby room and find toys and other accessories that are son-and-mama approved. Honestly, the only hard thing to narrow down has been the baby name, because I do feel like there a LOT more options for girls than for boys. But since we only need one, I'm pretty sure we'll get there. :)


If there's one thing I'm determined about it's that I don't want our boy to grow up in an all-blue/all-boy environment - both literally and figuratively. While Marcio understandably had to keep my urge to buy too, eh, fashionable items in check (and while we wanted to do the blue thing for this photo shoot - just once :)), I want our boy to be able to be a person rather than a gender, no matter how random that sounds. Basically, a life with as many colours as possible is what we're aiming at. :) If we'll succeed in that, I'll feel very lucky and blessed.


I have to say that picturing my boyfriend with our son is one of the main prospects that got me super excited about having a boy. There's just something endearingly sweet about the idea of bringing a mini Marcio into this world, and I'm secretly hoping he'll have his thick Brazilian hair and wide genuine smile. 


Hope you're just as excited as we are! :) Thanks so much for reading - as always xx big kiss


Sofie Valkiers gender reveal

Flowy maxi dress from Chloé / Location Les Sources de Caudalie

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Oh, such beautiful pictures <3
Congrats to both of you! And I totally agree on the name, seems like the options for girls are much easier to come by. But I'm sure that the right name for your boy will be that more fitting to the little one eventually. Big kiss!

Hoe leuk ! denk maar dat een jongetje steeds verliefd is op zijn mama !!! een onbeschrijflijk gevoel .
DUS.... nog een tweede poging voor een meisje misschien !

Geniet ervan, alles erop en eraan in goede gezondheid is toch het allerbelangrijkste
Nog eventjes en jullie droom is in vervulling. x

Waw! Mooi geschreven mama❤️Zoon #datkomtdikinorde 👍🏼 Geniet nog effe samen hand op buikje 👋🏼

De foto's zijn echt prachtig! En proficiat met jullie toekomstig zoontje! Ik ben al benieuwd naar de naam. 😊

Wat een prachtige foto's Sofie! Geniet nog even van de zwangere buik, maar ik weet dat je waarschijnlijk toch heel erg nieuwsgierig geworden bent naar hoe hij er gaat uitzien (dat had ik heel erg).
Mijn zoontje is helemaal een mini-versie van zijn papa, als hij baby was en nu nog steeds, en ik vind dat heel erg leuk!
En ze zijn ook zo lief, echt jongetjes en hun mama, dat kan je niet verklaren, dat is echt een hele sterke band. Nu hij wat ouder is wil hij wel meer dingen met zijn papa gaat doen, meehelpen enzo, maar die band tussen hem en mij dat is echt onbeschrijfelijk. You'll love it!

Hoi Sofie!
Een dikke proficiat met jullie zoontje! Super! Ik heb zowel een zoontje als een dochter en ik moet zeggen dat de band tussen mama en zoon onbeschrijfelijk is! Ik denk dat alle jongetjes een beetje verliefd zijn op hun mama dus geniet ervan met volle teugen, en wie weet misschien de 2 de keer een meisje?
Lieve groetjes,
Isabelle Devolder

Hey Isabelle! Ja dat heb ik nog gehoord, en ik moet zeggen dat ik ons zoontje allang niet meer zou willen ruilen voor een meisje. :) Kijk er zo naar uit nu! xx big kiss

I want our boy to be able to be a person rather than a gender, no matter how random that sounds. Basically, a life with as many colours as possible is what we're aiming at. :) If we'll succeed in that, I'll feel very lucky and blessed.

*slow clap*