Since I usually get up really early with a gazillion things on my mind, most days I end up sticking to the same make-up routine. I always find it extra nice to pick up tips & tricks to switch things up a little, so I asked the experts from M.A.C. for this season's ultimate beauty look that's easy to recreate at home. We ended up doing a golden eyeliner-based look that's flattering for every skin tone out there, and is ideal to spice up a random office look, as well as for going to a party with your besties at night!



  1. Start with spraying your skin with the Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion spray and apply this super hydrating Studio Moisture cream.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the Face and Body foundation, and a few dots of the Pro Longwear concealer below your eyes and next to your nose (where your skin tends to be a bit red).
  3. Set this with the Studio Careblend powder.
  4. Finish your face make-up with a swipe of the Pro Longwear blush, in Baby Don't Go.
  5. Apply the iconic M.A.C. lipstick, in Fleshpot.


  1. Put a base coat of the Camel Coat Pro Longwear paint pot onto your eye lids.
  2. With a thin brush, apply a fine line of the Brassy Pro Longwear Fluidline eye liner and top this with a steady swipe of the Superslick liquid eye liner, in Pure Show to give it some extra bling.

Et voilà! Don't you think this is a nice change from the classic black eye liner? I can't wait to try this at home for our next date night! :)


ps: You can find the full sparkly-party-dress look right here.

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