Growing up, all I wanted to do around the Holidays was curl up on the sofa with my mama, and listen to her telling me fairy tales. I have such vivid memories of those afternoons when the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood (I'm kind of obsessed with her :)), Rapunzel and Cinderella made me feel like a princess myself... So let's just say I was thrilled when the online luxury shop Monnier Frères picked me to recreate the story of Hansel & Gretel, including a little pink skirt and a selection of their most popular pink accessories to put under the X-mas tree.

Maybe it's because living in a gingerbread house sounds pretty perfect to me, but Hansel & Gretel has always been one of my favourite stories. There's just something about a good brother-and-sister story that's very X-mas-appropriate, don't you think? The genius French illustrator Octave Marsal created the background (featuring my favourite scene!), so needless to say that the whole experience made me very excited for next month and the prezzies that will (hopefully) be waiting for me... :)

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Hey Sofie, je staat bij Monnier Frères op de eerste pagina als Grietje voor Marc Jacobs !
Sprookjesachtig mooi !