Is it me or did it start feeling like Winter way before we were ready?? Getting through this season of sub-zero temperatures, general darkness and an inherent focus on couples (we get that you're perfectly happy without the X-mas card yow) can be tough. But there's one thing about Winter that I can definitely get behind: making your home extra cosy to make sure it's all set for getting you through a season that's essentially about curling up inside and sipping hot chocolate. And if you're not in the possession of a fireplace, there's lots of other little things you can do to prep your home for the coldest of seasons...


First things first: it's a scientific fact we need daylight to survive. Feeling especially moody these days? You might wanna reconsider your at-home lighting situation. There's no shame in keeping your X-mas lights up a little bit longer, or in making your own beeswax candles (not granny if you do it this way!). And because desperate times ask for desperate measures: copper home pieces will reflect light so that it's everywhere (smart yes?), and while this UV light box may not be the prettiest, anything that simulates sunlight is worth considering.

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It's no secret I'm kind of obsessed with home fragrances, so I'm always in for trying out new ways to make your home smell, eh, season-appropriately. During Winter, it's all about warm spicy scents, and my most fave way to make our entire house smell like X-mas is to heat up a pot of mulling spices (including the most delightful winter-y selection of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and cardamon): it's super nostalgic and as natural as it gets! :) Other lovely options: Le Labo's Pin 12 home fragrance for a woodsy touch, and this clean-burning Japanese sandalwood incense. And if you wanna go a bit more literal you can always add some spice to your walls by painting it in a (really) bright colour (don't forget to test it out on a small patch first, and remember that every colour looks darker on your walls! :)).

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When it's too cold to go outside, why not bring nature inside? Because we all need our greens, buy some new fresh friends and care for them as if they were your children (that means light, regular water, and occasional sweet talk). And as for keeping your food and fashion au naturel during Winter: show your body some extra love with hearty nutritious snacks such as this easy quinoa pot with chai almond milk, and remember that nothing beats all-natural fabrics as wool and cashmere for snuggling. See, Winter, not so bad right?

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