Holidays 17
Holidays 17
Holidays 17
Holidays 17

Needless to say, the second part of our Holidays 17 with Chanel mini series, is by far my favourite one because it's all about brunch! :) Anyone who knows me will testify that I know how to do brunch just right, and X-mas morning is actually one of my favourite times to go all the way. My love of X-mas morning totally goes back to growing up in a tight family of foodies, and I vividly remember waking up on X-mas morning, after a full evening of waaay too much food, thinking: now what's for brunch? :) My parents were the best in making a whole spread of yumminess for the entire family, including fruit plates, freshly baked bread, baguettes, croissants, jam, honey, and lots of hot coco of course!

Now that I'm older, I like to dress the part and come up with a X-mas brunch-appropriate outfit, to honour this special Holiday moment. I'm very much into upgrading cosy loungewear by adding fancy matching jewellery, so I was psyched to come across this ice-tone pearl necklace from the Chanel Cruise 17/18 collection, that paired so well with my grey turtleneck sweater dress! To add a pop of colour, I went with an aqua coloured cuff - so fun & fresh! And then it was just a matter of going crazy with all the treats, because knitwear is nice 'n stretchy, y'all! :)


What's your favourite outfit to wear on X-mas morning? Don't you love the idea of pimping your loungewear with pretty accessories?

Find Part I of this Holidays 17 with Chanel series, including my tips to dress up like goddess, right here. Stay tuned for the last part, where I'll share my favourite NYE glam!


Thanks to the beautiful Mandarin Oriental for hosting us!

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Ik hou van de Chanel cuff 💚 Ik zal eens een bezoekje brengen aan Chanel Brussel 😉
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