There's no city like NYC to do the weekend right! So why don't you join me as I'm reliving my picture-perfect Sunday in the city that never sleeps... :)

First things first: sleep in and don't leave your classic brownstone until 11am. Then stop by your favourite local spot for a nutritious kale-based (of course!) brunch with your girls. In order to digest the yummy foods you just had, take a leisurely walk on the city's most amazing hiking path, The High Line. Finally, to end the day like a real New Yorker, head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to take in the city's iconic skyline from the other side, while enjoying delicious local burgers and lobster rolls. 

Wouldn't you just want to live here, if only for that?? Happy weekend, everyone!

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Undoubtedly great photos you have! We are visiting New York City for a some days next month. How many days would you say you need to spend there to do all the major sights and attractions?
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