One of the things I have always been kind of curious about is the myth of the pregnancy glow. So when I found out about our first baby on the way, I kind of was like: YES, let this glow come to me! After a month or so, being mostly stuck between the bathroom and the couch, I started to get a little bit worried. Not only did I most definitely not look glowy, I looked like the less most vibrant version of myself. But as always, there turned out to be a silver (ha!) lining: I became an expert in make-up tricks that make you look shiny and awake! And now, five months in and feeling a lot better, I secretly still rely on these 3 little miracle workers that can make you fake that renowned pregnancy glow - with or without child:




The newest obsession in beauty land is the 'brassy undereye', or a shimmery highlighted undereye. It's as simple as it seems: adding a bit of shimmer in a shade that complements your skin tone (in my case, the Chanel Stylo 157 Beige Dore) will instantly make your eyes look bigger, hence make you look more awake. Try out an ombre effect (starting with a light golden hue that transforms into a dark brown or taupe shade) or a more summer-y blue, for a little somethin' different.


I've talked about my beloved Sunset Glow highlighter by Bobbi Brown before, but it's been on serious rotation lately! It's got this warm golden finish that I absolutely adore, and manages to look warm and cosy in Winter, and fresh and poppy in Summer. I like to add it onto my cheek bones, on top of my upper lip and nose bridge, and right below my eye brows for an instant face lift. Definitely one of my desert island products!


There's nothing more challenging than glittery skincare, 'cause you don't want to end up looking like a live disco ball. That's why a multitasking dry oil, such as the famous Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, is my thing: it's subtle enough to apply onto your hair and body, but will still make a huge difference to your overall appearance. It doesn't get much easier, right?



Do you have any little tricks for looking more awake? A good face mask? A long massage? I'd love to hear!

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