Summer is finally here, and that means butterflies all around! And since there's no better day than today to meet the love of your life, I thought it'd be fun to share the story of how met (it involves Paris!), together with some tips & tricks to bring you one step closer to finding The One.

Marcio & I met over 10 years ago in ... Paris! It's such a cliché, but it's totally the city of love for us. :) I was sharing a crowded apartment with some girls while doing a cooking internship at a super fancy hotel (it was horrible), and Marcio was there for a modelling job. We met at a hipster hotspot at night, totally randomly; we were both out with friends and were somehow introduced to each other. I instantly found him super attractive (I have a thing for Southern types), but didn't think much more of it. I remember him asking me for my number towards the end of the evening, and just as I was contemplating whether or not to give him my real one (you do it do, right?), he asked me how my name was spelled, with a 'ph' or just 'f'. It sounds so ridiculous now, but it turned out to be totally representative of his general thoughtfulness, and that's exactly how it came across in the moment.

We ended up spending most of the Summer together, completely head over heels of course. :) You know those movie scenes with a boy & girl holding hands underneath a sun-drenched Eiffel Tower, with French music playing in the background? It was exactly like that. But as the end of both our stays was approaching, I was surprised by how much I dreaded not seeing him anymore. I realised that it was much more than a Summer crush when I literally cried saying our goodbyes. Not long after that, he came to visit me in Belgium (I was still finishing up college), we went on our first trip to Brazil, and the rest is history. :)

Despite having been together for over a decade, I'll be the first to admit the whole concept of soulmates is a bit scary. I definitely feel lucky to have found someone I love to be around with on a daily basis, and whom I'm excited to start a family with, but all in all, I definitely believe it's a matter of luck and making things work. But in the spirit of lending Faith a little hand (and not going on another awkward Tinder date), here are my 5 ultimate tips to find the love of your life - approved by my girlfriends:


Sofie Valkiers Marcio Bastos



Meeting someone interesting is most likely to happen through the people that you both love. So if you feel ready to go on your next date, make sure to check the improved version of Tinder (your besties) first. Because there's after all no one better to find you someone who'll tick off all the boxes on your list (1. funny & smart 2. full hair 3. no baggy pants 4. honest 5. not opposed to puppies) than someone who knows you better than you know yourself.


It's no coincidence that the best crushes happen on vacation, when you're in a total zen state of mind, blissful and tan and high on coconut juice. Moreover, there's something inherently sexy about being in a foreign country, where everything feels fresh & new, and no one will feel inclined to judge you when you go a little crazy. So pack up that suitcase (don't forget to include a teenie bikini), and off you go!


One thing's for sure: you're not going to meet the love of your life sitting at home. And since there's nothing like bonding over a shared interest of the perfect doughnut, acting on your interests is a sure way to meet someone who'll complement you. Visiting a cool exhibit, going to the supermarket (I seriously love it!), making a long beach walk,... If it's your thing, do it! And if you don't end up sharing your lives together, you might have found your next BFF, which isn't so bad either...


Every once in a while it can totally pay off to take a step back from it all and do something unexpected - whether it's wearing an unexpected clothing combo or trying out a new-to-you restaurant. It's basically the same as with going on vacation; experiencing something totally new is super exciting on itself, and might give you that extra push to also step out of your comfort zone in your love life. 


We all have specific characteristics and physical qualities that attract us the most, and that's totally fine. But over the years, I've come to realise that that first attraction is actually super relative, more specifically in the sense that attraction doesn't have to happen instantly. Like most things in life, attraction needs time to grow, so don't immediately dismiss someone based on the lack of an instant crush. No matter how difficult it may seem after yet another disappointing meet-up, try to keep an open mind at all times, and leave your prejudices at home.


What's your relationship status right now? Any tips to add to find true love? I'd love to hear! :)


Picture of Marcio & I at NYFW back in 2015 via A Constellation

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Together for over 12 years (high-school sweethearts) and a baby son of 9 months. Did we plan this at 15 and 17 years old? No, but it has always been so much fun, that there was no reason to not be together. We are down-to-earth and strongly believe that with a little bit of dedication, we can continue to make things work!
Loved this story! We met in London while I was living there and he was on holiday, both Belgian, turned out he lived just ten minutes away from where I used to live in Belgium. I moved back after a few months of travelling back and forth and we're two years together now, and so so happy. I had to go and live in another country to meet the love of my life who was actually ten minutes away from me :-).
Hey Marylène, I loved reading this, so funny! Just goes to show: you never know what's around the corner - in your case literally... :) The best of luck to you! xx big kiss
Oh superverhaal! Ik was er al een tijdje benieuwd naar! Ik ben sinds enkele maanden aan het daten met een Spanjaard. Ik heb dus ook iets voor zuiderse types ;) We hebben elkaar eigenlijk al bijna 5 jaar geleden ontmoet toen ik een zomerstage deed waar hij werkt en toen had ik een meeega crush op hem. Daarna heb ik hem eigenlijk niet meer gezien tot begin dit jaar toen ik ben beginnen werken op dezelfde plek. Het heeft wel even geduurd voor we allebei de moed hadden om er iets over te zeggen. Maar sindsdien is alles als een droom!
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Thanks so much for sharing this, it sounds like you guys have a super nice thing going on. :) All my love to your little family and and and and
I have to say that is actually good dating advice! I think 3 & 4 are the hardest for most people.. finding the love of your life can be a challenge but I am happy to hear you found yours Sofie :) James @
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