As I've been to a fair share of intimidatingly glamorous events, you'd think I wouldn't still have a serious case of Red Carpet stress prior to the event. But the truth is that I straight up die the night before, running every possible bad scenario through my head - over and over again. It's like that dreadful moment when Carrie Bradshaw ends up face down on the runway: you just don't want to be that girl. Luckily, over the years, I've assembled some sneaky tricks to conquer my most irrational Red Carpet anxieties. So if you'll be going to a posh event in the very near future, this check list of fears and matching solutions will prep you like a pro!




Needless to say that my no. 1 fear is outfit related, and a total classic too. Tripping over your dress is just about the most embarrassing thing that could happen when you're facing a large crowd, so I prefer going with a comfy flowy dress that allows me to move freely. As for my footwear I want to be realistic and say that heels are definitely always on my Red Carpet list (they just make you feel so powerful!), but instead of opting for fragile straps that might cause The Carrie Moment, I usually go with a more sturdy version, such as these star-shaped ones, that provide enough grasp for my foot to strut down that Red Carpet with the greatest of ease.


My second worst outfit nightmare is of course ending up looking just like everyone else. Apart from the idea of wearing the same dress as another guest, having a plain all-too-familiar look is almost as bad. But here's the good news: all it takes to set you apart is a few statement accessories! I really like the idea of a theme for my accessories, especially when I want to avoid overdoing it. For this look, I went with a star theme, featuring a star-shaped bracelet, earrings, and matching clutch (isn't it the cutest?). Further - and this might sound a bit odd, I've found that applying the right fragrance makes me feel special and different from everyone else too. So for an important event I really take my time to select the right perfume to complement my look, usually opting for a flower-y sensual smell (the ELIE SAAB Le Parfum Resort Collection is my current fave!). And honestly, as proven by the magical match of this super colourful dress and quirky accessories: just don't be too afraid to go crazy and have a little fun!




Aaand we're in the beauty department now! Pimples have this fantastic habit of popping up at the most important times in your life (because that's obviously when you're most stressed), so I always make sure to start with a green-ish camouflage stick (as green neutralises red tones) and top that with my regular foundation and concealer. Additionally, you might want to consider applying a hot red lip and manicure to draw away the attention from any imperfections, and to add some instant glam of course. And speaking of adding glam: I also always have an emergency bottle of my ELIE SAAB perfume with me, to touch up my perfume throughout the evening and make sure I smell super nice despite my Red Carpet stress - crucial to make a good first impression!


This is the biggest backstage secret of all time: every single person who enters the Red Carpet has some emergency tape in her teeny tiny clutch. The mere thought of a Nipplegate situation will make you stock up on not-so-glamorous items such as double-sided tape and safety pins in different sizes. I personally also like to add a super granny sewing set (including needles and black and white thread) to readjust any parts that may decide to come loose at unfortunate moments (happened!). If you end up not needing them, all the better, but it's as with that one time you left the house without pain killers and ended up having the worst headache of your life. Better not mess with the universe here!


Full disclosure: I'm not a photogenic person by nature. And the best tip I can give you in that area is quite simple: practice! Yes, it's 100% awkward to stand in front of the mirror and find out which poses are the most flattering for you, but it's the only way. If I have a hard time figuring out what to do with my arms, I like to use my accessories as little helpers, folding one hand over my clutch and placing the other one in my side. Further, since nobody has a completely symmetrical face, chances are that you have one side that's a bit better looking, so it's definitely worth it to find out. And finally: chin up and SMILE! That's really everyone's best look anyway...


Elie Saab red carpet

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Never thinking how will I be in red carpet.. I got some points from this article to prepare for the most important and shocking moment in the life. I absolutely agree to reduce the stress by wearing perfume, that idea will be carried entire of my life.