As much as we all acknowledge that the Holidays are the only thing that gets us through December ('cause cake! glitter! x-mas deco! family time!), the whole period can be a little intimidating too. I mean, it's one thing to go to your parents' house on X-mas eve with a gift you scored the day before, and get really drunk on NYE with your bestie, and then call it a day, but what if you have to host one of those evenings yourself or buy multiple exclusive X-mas gifts? Ha, not so relaxing, right? But hey, before you start elbowing your way through the crowds of angry Holiday shoppers and call in the help of a professional party planner: here are 3 tips that'll give you a head start. And in the meantime: merry merry thoughts only! 


Hosting a Holiday party doesn't have to be as stressful as it sounds: it's all in the preparations, people! This means: make a little guest list of your favourite people, send out a sweet (online) invite, stock up on cute party goodies way in advance (this electroplated flatwear and jumbo confetti balloons are everything!), prepare a batch of these crowd-pleasing X-mas cookies with vanilla almond cream, and sit back, relax, and enjoy the last moments of this wonderful year!

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Since the way you start a new year is representative of how the entire year is going to be (or so they say), it's extra important to spend the Holidays in a complete state of zen. Buy flowers, sleep in, have grilled cheese for dinner every damn night, watch every winter-y movie on the planet: if you can't do it now, when can ya?

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Whether you're going with sparkly sneakers or a full-on sequin dress, planning your outfit for one of the most hyped evenings of the year should be a party on itself. So yeah, go ahead and make 15 different Pinterest moodboards and try out every imaginable hair style, because in our books, that's just common sense! And while you're at it: these party nails are super cool and totally DIY-proof (ps: stay tuned for my favourite easy party hair style, coming soon!).  

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