Here's a confession: ever since I was a teenager, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. Because with the Holiday season approaching, so does the pressure of coming up with super duper cool X-mas and New Year's Eve plans. And yeah, those are supposed to include super duper cool other people. Of all the times when it's considered to be a shitty time to be single, the Holiday season really tops it off. And while I love my family and friends with all my heart, there seems to be a weird commercial aspect to all the festivities (anyone need yet another X-mas themed shopping list??), that puts so.much.pressure on all of us. There have honestly been years when I wanted to scream if one more person asked me 'what my plans were for the Holidays' - I mean, stay at home and exclusively eat pumpkin spiced goodies of course! So in the light of going back to basics and focusing on what the Holidays are really about (surviving a total lack of daylight by putting up X-mas lights, and eating pie for breakfast), here are 4 things that are actually more fun to do by yourself - even (especially?) during the Holiday season:



People sometimes wonder why online shopping is so popular, and I think I kind of have the answer: because shopping with other people around is frickin' exhausting. Elbowing your way to that last gorgeous sweater, trying on your carefully curated selection in stuffy fitting rooms, and waiting in line for a gazillion hours to pay for that one pair of trousers that was at least half-decent: charming, right? So yes, online shopping is IT, not in the least because there are sooo many beautiful shops these days (this and this one are my current faves for natural beauty products, and this and this one have the very best selection of out-of-the-ordinary fashion and interior design pieces!).

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There might be more motives for having a regular workout routine during the Summer (gettin' that booty beach ready, for one), but let's not forget that working out is just as important during these darker days, because hello endorphins! And there are so many great options to choose from, that don't even necessarily involve leaving your (warm & cosy) living room: right this way for Victoria's Secret Angel abs, and this (hyped!) workout program comes with daily food tips. Score!

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Added bonus of working out during the Holidays: more guilt-free treats all day, everyday! There are tons of winter-y recipes I can't wait to try out: this hearty lentil soup for staying warm and full all day long, these yummy pancakes with grape syrup for a foggy Sunday morning (to eat in bed, of course), and this fig & beet protein smoothie for those days we need to be reminded that Summer will be back, one day.

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There's no more fun way to prep your Holiday look than to go crazy with your favourite online hair & beauty tutorials. The multitude of great online tutorials that teach us everything about creating a perfect double twist fishtailputting actual glitters on your face, and styling a sexy pair of statement glasses is one of the many perks of the Internet, and definitely one of my fave ways to spend a cold rainy afternoon. And if you'd like to keep it a little more simple: take a look at my current everyday beauty and hair routine, and an easy way to get that healthy glow-look, even during wintertime.

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