I'm definitely not the craftiest of persons, but I do think it's very appealing to create something unique, that comes in handy around the house and is pretty to look at, with only a few simple tools. These 5 stunning DIY projects are completely clumsy hands-proof, so during the next rainy afternoon, open up your windows, put on The Very Best of Otis Redding, and paint/glue/stitch/fold away! XO Sofie

               Pastel coloured eggs: traditionally associated with Easter, but so cute to brighten up your breakfast year round!

            Marble stationery: such an amazing way to repurpose long forgotten nail polishes.

                  Knitted swing: the perfect laid-back touch to any room, to make the child in you veeeery happy.

                  Flowery room spray: 1 of my all-time favorite DIY's; so simple but so inventive at the same time.

                  Dyed napkins: a cute nod to the current tie dye trend, and a great way to make a simple table setting a bit more poppy. 

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