I am a total complete huge foodie. Big surprise, right? :) Today, I’m sharing my 3 favorite Brazilian treats that are super easy to recreate...

Fresh Start

I love a good breakfast and whenever I’m traveling I want to keep up with my breakfast ritual; eating tons of fresh fruits and drinking my morning elixir.

Breakfast stories

It’s probably no surprise: I love a good breakfast. I love pancakes in the morning, or a soft boiled egg ( to be more exact: a 4 minutes boiled egg) or a Brussels waffle with fresh berries…


I'm really a huge morning person and I always like to take my time to wake up and have my breakfast with a large hot cup of tea.

My morning elixir

After my little snap chat story the other day, I received a lot of questions on how I make my favorite ginger tea.

Paris Hotspot: Kong

For all the Sex and the City fans: Kong is the restaurant where Carrie meets the ex -wife of Alexander( her boyfriend) and has the most awkward experience ever. 

Lunch Hotspot in NYC

The weather is crazy here in NY so there is nothing better than to hide from the cold in a nice little bar with a hot chai latte.

Edible alter egos

While I was in Cannes, I attended the Magnum Pink and Black press conference and launch party. Miranda Kerr attended as Magnum’s brand ambassador in a sparkly strapless black dress by David

Lunch hotspot: Bowery

This week one of my dearest friends Victoria ( beauty editor of Vogue) and her boyfriend Rafael were in town to visit us and one of my favourite things to do with friends is to go out for la

Morning Juice

I love to start my day with a healthy juice/smoothie, filled with nutritious and delicious ingredients. It’s so easy and I feel much more energized in just minutes. Here are some of my favou

Guilty Pleasure

A sunny day with a pleasure dose of delicious ice cream, Belgian chocolate and ehm... more chocolate? Oh Yes Pease!

#Hotspot: Fiskebar

I often get questions about where I love to eat in Antwerp. So let’s start with my favorite fish restaurant: Fiskebar. It’s not a new hotspot but for sure one you can’t miss when you’re visi