SANUI, derived from the Latin word signifying 'health', was lovingly created by Sofie Valkiers, to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The SANUI scented candles are inspired by Sofie's most cherished memories of the many breathtaking places she has visited. In line with Sofie's vision of luxury, wellness, and ethical values, the SANUI products are handmade in Europe with the greatest of care, exclusively using all-natural ingredients and techniques of the highest quality, for timeless and durable pieces that celebrate the good things in life.


Mood of the Day book

Sofie's second book Mood of the Day is all about her biggest companion in life: her intuition. It guided her through every major life & career decision, and makes for her most important styling tip. And that's what this book is essentially about: how to make sure that the outfit you pick out in the morning exactly matches your MOTD, so that it becomes a part of yourself and your lifestyle, and lifts you up - all day, every day. Additionally, Sofie shares her most cherished beauty tips & tricks, favourite travel destinations, and yummy power food recipes!


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Little Black Book

Little Black Book

In her best selling style guide Little Black Book (now available in Dutch, English, German & Japanese), Sofie offers a sneak peek behind the scenes of her eclectic world, sharing her career story, passion for high-end fashion & beauty, her most favourite fashion places around the world, as well as the fashion & beauty tricks that will upgrade every closet!