For our Summer 17 beauty mini series, we already talked about our 3 favourite beauty multitaskers of this Summer and how to get the perfect air dried hair. And for the last part, we're taking a look at one of my personal favourite beauty trends of this Summer 17: natural eye lashes! After a not-so-great experience with lash extensions a while ago (see further) I was kind of forced to dig a little deeper into the what's what of full natural lashes. And guess what? With a few clever tricks (including one featuring a super affordable item that you definitely have on your kitchen counter right now!) getting healthy lush lashes is super duper easy, not to mention a gazillion times healthier for your eyes. That's a major win/win right there!


Summer 17 beauty

Summer 17 beauty

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You know about those beauty things you try out because everyone else seems to be SO pleased with them? Well, getting lash extensions was one of those things for me. I wasn't particularly unhappy with my natural lashes, but if Rihanna and Zendaya and just about every other celeb out there seemed to pull off even bouncier wavy lashes so effortlessly, then why not me? So off I went to the beauty salon, only to reemerge as a, eh, not-so-elegant nightlife version of myself. It was heavy, it was loud, and it dominated my entire appearance. And - even worse, it was so damn impractical! I couldn't rub my eyes or clean them properly, which felt so counter intuitive that I couldn't wait to get them removed after only a week or two. Was I the only person in the universe who didn't like lash extensions? But sure enough, when I shared my experiences with my girlfriends (and a couple of random strangers, haha), similar stories came pouring out. From nasty eye infections ('cause let's not forget we're literally putting glue right near our eyes!) to immense damage to their natural lashes - let's just say it wasn't exactly an ad for fake lashes. Fast forward to this Summer 17, and it's official: I'm definitely not the only one who prefers their natural eye lashes over the fake kind, as this year is all about working with what you've got!


There are plenty of tricks to enhance your natural lashes and make them look extra full: from a good old cat eye to a few coats of your favourite mascara (the DiorShow mascara is my all-time favourite, and the new Pump'n'Volume version seems amazing; Benefit's They're Real! is pretty awesome too!), there's nothing more appealing than classic tried-&-tested beauty tricks to work into your daily beauty routine. But I have to say that my heart skipped a beat when I came across this seemingly to-good-to-be-true beauty trick: as it turns out, simple olive oil is one of the most powerful lash-boosting products out there! Packed with vitamins E and K, and carotenoids, it has the power to not only make your lashes grow (faster! thicker! longer!), but also to strengthen them. Just rub a small amount onto your lashes with your fingers or a disposable brush twice a day, and you'll start noticing a big difference after a couple of weeks. If you want to speed things up a little, this Grandelash serum is pretty amazing too! Within only 2 weeks, it has been known to make your lashes grow five times the length - zero side effects. It doesn't get much better than that, right?


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